Our Teacher

Gillian Crawley has been the educator kids have grown to know and love at the website11Errington Cooperative Preschool for more than 25 years.  Her dedication and commitment to early childhood education was honored with a Certificate of Achievement by the Prime Minister in 2008.

Gillian also offers families the opportunity for extended care at her daycare facility Gillian’s Care.  This program runs from 11:15 – 1:45, immediately following the end of the program at the preschool. For more information about this extended program, contact Gillian at (250) 248-4242.

From Gillian:

There is a little school in Errington, that for over 30 years has been doing some really big work. It’s name is the Errington Co-operative Preschool.

This preschool is non-profit and it is owned and run by the parents who participate in the program.  This means that each family is responsible for the running of the school on some level – raking sand in the yard or doing the treasurer’s duties – each job contributes to the effectiveness of the school.  As parents participate in the classroom, supporting the Early Childhood Educator, they have the opportunity to dedicate a morning to play.  To witness their child’s growth amongst his/her peers, enjoy playing or reading together, becoming familiar with the children and parents with whom they will journey through the growing years – these are some of the joys of being involved in this co-operative experience.

Co-operative preschools are about building community and Errington’s preschool is a beautiful example of how belonging is developed.  We share time, work and celebrations.  We hold events for the community, go camping and on outings and we learn together.  When we leave this special place we are stronger knowing that we belong; that we are contributing to our community. Our children carry this connection into kindergarten and beyond – they are rooted in their memories of their preschool experiences and  it is place that they continue to visit and enjoy.

Errington Co-operative Preschool provides an opportunity for families to rediscover what being connected feels like.  It is an opportunity to share your gifts as an individual and as a parent, and to learn from others.  It is a safe space for children to discover their abilities and to explore new friendships.

Errington Co-operative Preschool is a place where a philosophy is presented and honoured each day – “learning through play” – what a wonderful place to start.

I love Errington Co-operative Preschool; it is my life’s work.  Through my experience I see a very positive impact on relationships; the relationships of the children, families, friends and community.  We foster a sense of belonging, harmonious living, creativity and learning.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this service over the years.  I think that we do very important work.

Love, Gillian Crowley, Early Childhood Educator.