For Parents

As we get our enrollment package digitized, we will be uploading those documents here.  In the meantime, you can contact the Enrollment Chair Leslie Love at 250-927-4854

Parent Participation – A chance to get a glimpse into your child’s early education!

“Duty Days”: Every day it is one of the children’s turn to have their parent come in to help facilitate the days activities and the child will help their parent to serve a healthy snack they are providing to the class.  This day will come around for each parent as the schedule rotates every 4 to 6 weeks.

Monthly Meetings: On the 1st Wednesday of every month a meeting is held from 7pm-9pm where all the parents can connect and debrief the initiatives that the school had undertaken and plan ahead for new opportunities. Occasional guest speakers and workshops at the meeting are a great opportunity for parents to learn new helpful skills.

Jobs: Parents have the opportunity help to run this non-profit school by volunteering to take on one of many roles/jobs.

Fundraising: Parents are expected to take part in the schools fundraising efforts, which help to pay for field trips and events.


The goal of the cooperative preschool experience is to provide an educational experience,  increase parent’s knowledge of their child, and then to learn from school  experiences, other parents and the supervisor some child guidance techniques.  You can view the Parents Handbook online, or if you’d like, hardcopies can be made available to our members.

Constitution and By-Laws

Constitution/By-Law Primer